We supply the best quality findings in different material such as 925 sterling silver,14K Gold Filled and others with reasonable wholesale pricing.

Delivery and International Shipping

Order Delivery

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Delivery & Shipping
  • Most orders are shipped within two working days after payment confirmation. Once your orders on the way to their new home, you will receive email confirmation and the latest tracking number (if applicable).
  • Furthermore, delivery times are provided as reference. Any address confirmation, payment verification or unexpected reasons may cause delay (Most order delay may be caused by address confirmation, payment verification, custom clearance or unexpected reasons.).
  • For any customs declaration procedure or customs clearance, it may take up to 30 days for settlement.

Friendly Reminder:
holiday seasons, your order shipment may be postponed due to unpredictable issues. Please complete the payment and place order and make payment before holiday seasons to avoid any delay.

International Shipping

Free Worldwide Shipping
International Shipping

We use Registered Air Mail provided by "Hong Kong Post" to deliver all international orders. For any insurance or designated delivery service, you may contact us by email, and we will provide the related service options and charges for consideration.
hong kong post international airmail

Estimated shipping time (for international orders) as follows:

Destination Estimated Shipping Time Postage Fee
USA 5 - 21 working days

US$15.00 shipping fee for order under US$99.99
US$7.50 shipping fee for order under US$149.99
FREE Shipping Fee for order over US$150.00
(Registered mail)

Canada 5 - 14 working days
UK 5 - 10 working days
Europe 5 - 12 working days
Japan 4 - 8 working  days
Taiwan 4 - 8 working  days
Singapore 4 - 8 working  days

For overseas order, we only provide the service to the above destination. If your destination is not on our list, please contact us before placing order and we can reply you the related postage fee and delivery details.

If you do not receive your order within the timeframe specified in the shipping time table above, please email us as soon as possible so that we can report to courier company and arrange necessary follow-up.