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3mm Tube Endcap by 925 Sterling Silver(2pcs)

925 Sterling Silver 3mm Tube Endcap for 3mm Cord (2pcs)

Item No:925-FING-EC-F-3MM

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This sterling silver end cap covers the end of chain or cord, giving your design a polished, professional finish. Solder the cap onto chain or use jeweler's epoxy to secure it onto cord, then crimp for a secure fit.

Fabrication method: Machined

Overall Length Dimensions: is about 9.8mm with open ring (inside dimensions is 2.7mm)
Inner-hole size: 3mm in dimension
(The end cap tube inner size is 3mm and suitable to glue with 3mm round cord, we also have 3mm braided leather cords for purchase.)

*We sell this tube end cap 1 Quantity for 1 pair (2 pcs)
**We also sell another style of open fold endcaps in 3mm and 4mm which suitable for 3mm and 4mm flat or round cord.